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 Vaizard RO Update~~(21 May 2008)

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Kimi Onimaru

Kimi Onimaru

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Vaizard RO Update~~(21 May 2008) Empty
PostSubject: Vaizard RO Update~~(21 May 2008)   Vaizard RO Update~~(21 May 2008) Icon_minitimeSun May 18, 2008 11:08 pm

Pls advertise this server and invite your friend play this server and keep voting yea.

Main Town:Rachel

New Random MVP Arena System npc.
PVP with Dota Sounds npc.
Same Sex Marriage.
Custom Quest npc.

Vaizard RO Update~~(21 May 2008) Bleach
Vaizard RO Update~~(21 May 2008) IchigoScaredTag
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Vaizard RO Update~~(21 May 2008)
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