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 Forum RULES please Obey

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PostSubject: Forum RULES please Obey   Forum RULES please Obey Icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2008 3:33 pm

Vaizard-RO Forum General Rules

The Vaizard-RO moderating team welcomes everybody to our beloved forum. General manner is expected from all members of the forum. Respect the privacy of others and do not post other's personal details without proper permission. Avoid from posting off-topic posts on any ongoing discussion or interrupt a debate of any kind. If you do not have any worthwhile to post, do not post for the sake of posting.

Constructive criticism is welcomed while bad comments are not. The moderating team's duty is to ensure the smooth going of the whole board and to prevent any conflicts from starting. Moderators have at their discretion a right to moderate any threads that are found to be inappropriate or in violation with board or sub-forum rules. The moderating team will act based only on current board policy/guidelines and not own feelings. If you feel that any moderating decision is wrong or biased, do not hesitate to PM any Admin personnel with your complaint and details.

Considering the real-time nature of this forum, it is impossible for us to review every message or confirm the validity of any information posted. Please remember that we do not actively monitor the contents of and are not responsible for any messages posted. The posts are the view of the author and not necessarily the view of Vaizard-RO board. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by PM. The moderating team will get to it within the shortest time.


Posting Guidelines

0.Usage of English.
We are trying to attract more foreigners to play our server, so it is strictly that you must post in English. If you have problem posting in English, you can post in the Multilanguage, General Chat, and Guides & Walkthrough Forum or post your problem to the moderators/administrators.

1.Forum manners.
Be nice and respectful to ALL while replying to any post or topic. If you disagree with any opinion/post made by forumers, do not insult/flame the forumer(s). Everyone has different opinions on things so it is best to respect and accept others opinions. If really want to argue back, do in a friendly way and not with harsh words/flaming. Users are reminded any rude/harsh words and CAPS are not tolerated.

Being overly sarcastic, insulting, trolling, and/or flaming is strictly not allowed. Please be considerate to other forumers. Disagreements are common, but do not turn them into flame wars for the sake of getting your point across.

3. Spamming.
Spam is defined as a sentence with less than six words in this board. Post just for the sake of posting is also spam. This includes chain letters, meaningless words "wth?", "wow!", "nice", "zzzzz", "lol", emoticons, continuous posting on the same topic without using "Edit" button, posting the same question across several sections and using the "Quote" feature without contributing new to a thread.

4. Rants.
Do not create topics for personal ranting. These belong in blogs/online journals. Ranting in a public forum is prone to start a flame war, thus it is not advisable.

5. Drugs/Pornographic Materials and Advertisement.
This forum is open to children underage and all forms of pornography are strictly prohibited in signatures, avatars, and general posting.

5.1. Blogs/Advertisment.
Do not create topics for the sake of promoting any blogs/websites. These belong to your signature. Such topics will be removed without prior warning. Advertising another Ragnarok Online Private Server is not allowed either in post nor in signature.

6. Personal flames/insults.
If you have any grudges or particular dislike towards anyone in the forum, please do not open any topic to personally flame/insult said forumer in public. Personal matters should be kept and dealt with in private. Public flaming/insults is considered rude and downright disrespectful. Such topics will be removed without prior warning.

7. Multiple Posting/Bumping Post/Reviving Dead thread.
Posting in succession before anyone else post is not ok. Bumping is not allowed except the Trade Market Forum, which; can be bump every 24 hours, bumping before 24 hours will be closed. Reviving a dead thread is not allowed, unless, you have the same problem and you need help, reviving a dead thread just to reply those post is not allowed and is consider as a spam.

8. Posting Reports.
Please post an understandable report and attach an image of the problem if needed. Post useful information about bugs found such as where/how/when/who.

9. Signature.
There are other people in the region that are still using dial up to play Vaizard=RO Rserver, and big large with many pictures may make them lag or hang. It is strictly to put only one picture of maximum size; [450px width x 150 px height] or also [120px width x 300px height]. Making your signature long is not ok, having post 1 line and seeing a 100 lines of signature may make people mad and annoyed. Please do not put signatures links that will hang other peoples computer. Even thou you did not get hang, other might be due to thier
capacity and area.

Forum penalties

If, by any reason, your acts are against any of the rules of the General Rules or the Posting Guidelines, the following penalties apply.

Replying to forum bots
Disabled of posting ability ranging from 3 hours to 7 days.

Signature not within size
Mods will remove user's signature if user does not change it after being warned.

Misuse of Report button
Warning will be given for first timers.
Second time will be disabled posting ability for 1 day
Repeating offenders will be suspended for 7 days.

Flaming/ spamming/insults/bashing/rants
Users are suspended for 72 hours minimum. If new threads are created, user will be striped off their posting ability and suspended for a period of time.

Permanent suspension of forum account.

Multiple Posting/Bumping Post/Reviving Dead thread.
Warning is given for first timers. Repeating offenders will be suspended according to severity.

****** Disclaimer ******

The General Chat and the Posting Guidelines are subject to change to suit current forum condition. Furthermore, certain sub-forums have additional restrictions and/or guidelines for posting that have been pinned at the top of the subforum for reminding users. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that he/she is aware of the current rules and forum guidelines for posting, especially in certain sub forums/subtopics.

Users found in violation of any of the above rules will result in your privileges to post in this Board being limited by a Vaizard-RO Forum Moderator/Administrator. The penalties range from being given a severe warning as to future conduct, a periodic ban (for a specified amount of time), a total posting ban (you may still read the topics in the forum) or a total IP ban (you will not be able to read the topics neither will you be allowed access to the forum). If the matter warrants it then you may also be reported to your ISP/appropriate authorities.
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Forum RULES please Obey
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