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 Donation Item

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PostSubject: Donation Item   Donation Item Icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2008 3:41 pm

Donation List
We accept Donate in Single Item or Package.

MYR 10.00/USD 3.00
Storm Gust Box 150
Donation Item Sgbox

MYR 30.00/USD 9.00
Lord Of Kaho [ All stats +10 + Blessing lv10]
Donation Item Kaho

MYR 30.00/USD 9.00
Vaizard Card [-50% Casting Time]
Donation Item Mystcase

MYR 40.00/USD 12.00
Vaizard Of The Sun God [ All stats +10 + Kyrie Eleison lv10]
Donation Item Solar

MYR 40.00/USD 12.00
Valkyrie's Set[Armor,Shield,Manteau,Shoe]
Donation Item Vkar Donation Item VkshiDonation Item VkmanDonation Item Vksh

MYR 50.00/USD 15.00
Angeling Hat [Reduce 10% Damage From Demihuman][Add resistance to ALL elements by 10%]
Donation Item Angehat

MYR 50.00/USD 15.00
Deviling Hat [Reduce 10% Damage From Demihuman][ Add resistance to ALL elements by 10%]
Donation Item Devhat

MYR 70.00/USD 21.00
Donation Item Brigg

MYR 70.00/USD 21.00
Donation Item Slp

MYR 80.00/USD 24.00
Ring Of Vaizard [ Str +20 ]
Donation Item Mgg

MYR 100.00/USD 30.00
Mjolnir Of Vaizard [Str +15 + Dex +40 ]
Donation Item Mj
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Donation Item
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